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Robotics make legacy processes better

Farmers, soldiers, window cleaners, firefighters, the army, etc risk their lives everyday at their job. These are the people that make our lives very convenient. We at Binford Robotics decided to make their lives by building autonomous robots that do the hard part of their jobs.

Agriculture Automation

Farmers need not risk their lives for pesticide and sacrifice yield due to low accuracy due to our agricultural drones.

Construction Automation

Construction workers need not hang from buildings to paint, since we automate that process with our autonomous painting drone.

Cleaning Automation

Cleaning building facades and wind turbines is now risk free, cheap and efficient with our cleaning drone.

Firefighting Automation

Firefighters often lose their own lives while saving someone else’s. No more with our autonomous firefighting drone.

Defense Automation

The defense sector lacks the technology that the private sector take for granted. We bridge the gap with our industry expertise

India’s largest industrial application drone

We have built India’s largest and most versatile 8-axis, multi rotor rotorcraft. This drone can be used for catching and neutralising the threat from rogue drones, provide surveillance at the border & beyond and act as the first line of defence against any threat from within or outside the country. 

Surveillance/GIS drone

Drone surveillance enables surreptitiously gathering information about a target as captured from a distance or altitude. Drones’ flight capabilities, small size and ability to withstand harsh environments mean they can often survey subjects that might not be accessible otherwise and can access a first-person view that would normally be impossible

Anti-mine drone

Our drone is designed to detect, mark and trigger land mines. It is a safe, efficient, cheaper and faster solution than traditional de-mining methods. The drone has six rotors and a trio of different attachments. The first is used to map the desired area, while the second, a metal detector, is used to detect mines, flagging them with GPS markers and third a robot arm, which is used to place small detonators the size of tennis balls over the mines’ locations. 

Gun mounted drone

The lives of soldiers matter, which is why we have developed gun mounted drones with a unique recoil absorption mechanism to enable the military to manoeuvre UAV into high-risk situations to neutralise threats from a safe distance. It is a cost effective and safer solution than sending in troops to neutralise a threat. 

Making an Impact Across Industries

We value human life. Firefighters, window cleaners, construction workers, farmers, etc form the backbone of our economy. They put their lives at risk everyday at their jobs. We believe that human beings are not meant to do menial and dangerous jobs. It is our faith that autonomous robots can make the processes in legacy industries more efficient, faster, cheaper, safer and better. 

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Meet the team

Meet the team working hard to bring robots that are disrupting the industrial processes in legacy industries.

B. Sidhanth Jain

B. Sidhanth Jain

Founder & CEO & Product Architect

V. Sri Sai Akhil

V. Sri Sai Akhil

Co-Founder & COO

Mohammed Musheer Akbar

Mohammed Musheer Akbar

CMO & CFO & Supply Chain

Manoj Jain

Manoj Jain


Ajay Jain

Ajay Jain


Srikanth GDD

Srikanth GDD

Technology Consultant

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