The GPS system is the boon and the bane of present drone technology. It enables a drone to identify its position in 3 dimensional space but also renders the drone completely useless when a GPS signal isn’t available. The fact that the drone has to lock on to and communicate with multiple satellites orbiting the earth kilometres away from where the drone is being flown doesn’t help. Which is why at Binford Robotics we are working on on-board low latency computation, which will enable the drone to navigate spaces and in environments where GPS isn’t available. It will not just act as a redundancy but will be an integral part of the navigation ecosystem for the drone. It consists of a combination of powerful onboard computation, input from various on drone sensors like computer vision cameras, radar sensors, LiDAR sensors, etc. and intelligent custom designed algorithms to enable our drones to continually adapt to its environment. We will be coming out with our system sometime very soon and are looking forward to using it in places where drones have been used before. 

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